Воображение более важно, чем знания. Знания ограничены. Воображение включает в себя весь мир.

— Альберт Эйнштейн – физик

Edgar Cayce – reading 3744-2 (psychic phenomena, conscious and sub-conscious mind)


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the Phillips Hotel, Dayton, Ohio, this 8th day of October, 1923, in accordance with request made by [5717], [953], [294], [4121] and [5453].


Edgar Cayce; Linden Shroyer, Conductor; Mamie Rosenberg, Steno. Others (?).


Time of Reading Phillips Hotel, 3:00 P. M. Dayton, Ohio.

1. (Q) Please give a definition of psychic phenomena.

(A) PSYCHIC means of the SPIRIT or SOUL, for cooperation of the Phenomena, or manifestation of the workings of those forces within the individual, or through the individual, from whom such phenomena, or of such phases of the working of the spirit and soul, to bring the actions of these to the physical plane, Phenomena meaning only the act itself, brought to the attention, or manifested in such a way as to bring the attention of an individual to the work itself. [See 900-19 for expansion on this.]

Psychic in the broader sense meaning spirit, soul, or the imagination of the mind, when attuned to the various phases of either of these two portions of the entity of an individual, or from the entity of others who are passed into the other planes than the physical or material; yet in the broader sense, the Phenomena of Psychic forces is as material as the forces that become visible to the material or physical plane. [See 900-19, 1/15/25].

Psychic forces cover many various conditions, depending upon the development of the individual, or how far distant the entity is from the plane of spirit and soul forces.

PSYCHIC means not understood from the physical, or material, or conscious mind.

PSYCHIC means that of the mind presenting the soul and the spirit entity as manifested in the individual mind. Then taking the phases of that force, we find all Psychic Phenomena or force, presented through one of the acknowledged five senses of the physical or material body, – these being used as the mode of manifesting to individuals. Hence we would have in the truest sense, PSYCHIC, meaning the expression to the material world of the latent, or hidden sense of the soul and spirit forces, whether manifested from behind, or in and through the material plane.

2. (Q) How many kinds of Psychic Phenomena are known to mankind at the present time?

(A) Almost as many as there are individuals, each entity being a force, or world within itself. Those of the unseen forces become then the knowledge of the individual, the power of expression, or of giving the knowledge obtained, being of an individual matter.

3. (Q) Definition of the word MIND.

(A) That which is the active force in an animate object; that is the spark, or image of the Maker. Mind is the factor that is in direct opposition of will. Mind being that control of, or being the spark of the Maker, the WILL, the individual when we reach the plane of man. Mind being and is the factor governing the contention, or the interlaying space, if you please, between the physical to the soul, and the soul to the spirit forces within the individual or animate forces. We have the manifestation of this within the lowest order of animal creation. These are developed as the mind is developed, both by the action of all of the senses of the body, as we have them developed in man. MIND is THAT that reasons the impressions from the senses, as they manifest before the individual.

THE ACTIVE PRINCIPLE THAT GOVERNS MAN. MIND a factor, as the senses are of the mind, and as the soul and spirit are factors of the entity, one in all, all in one. We are speaking from the normal plane, of course. As the impressions are reached to the storehouse of the body, the mind is that factor, that principle, that portion that either segregates, correlates or divides the impression to the portion needed, to develop the entity or physical force toward the spark or infinite force, giving the life force to the body. The mind may be classified into the two forces, – that between the physical and soul, and that between the soul and spirit force. We see the manifestations of this, rather than the object or the mind itself. We find this always manifested through one of the senses, the same as we find the Psychic forces a manifestation of the soul and spirit; the MIND a manifestation of the physical.

With the division of the mind force as given, we see why in the physical plane individuals become misunderstood or misrepresented. They do not reach the same manifestations from other individuals. Hence the expression, “They are all of one mind.” “To DO GOOD, they become of one mind, TO DO EVIL they are many.” The nearer approach the mind comes to the divide, between the soul and spirit forces, the nearer we become to that infinite force that guides when it is allowed to the individual’s actions day by day.

Definition of the words “conscious mind”: The CONSCIOUS means THAT that is able to be manifested in the physical plane through one of the senses.

Definition of the word “sub-conscious mind”:

That lying between the soul and spirit forces within the entity, and is reached more thoroughly when the conscious mind is under subjugation of the soul forces of the individual or physical body. We may see manifestation in those of the so-called spiritual minded people. The manifestation of the subconscious in their action. That portion of the body, better known as the one that propagates or takes care of the body, – physical, mental, moral or what not, when it is not able to take care of itself.

SUB-CONSCIOUS is UNCONSCIOUS force. This may be seen in every nerve end, in every muscular force. Subconscious action may be brought into manifestation by the continual doing of certain acts in the physical plane, so the body becomes unconscious of doing the acts that it does.

4. (Q) How can we best develop our sub-conscious minds to be of the most benefit to our fellow men while in the Physical plane of living?

(A) By developing the mental or physical mind toward the uplift of mankind toward the Maker, leaving those things behind that so easily beset the physical body. By the training of the mental, through physical force, the sub-conscious urge, as we have given, the faculty of doing in the right or direct way, and lending assistance to the uplift of all.

The THOUGHT held against an individual directs the mind either of masses or classes, whether toward good or bad.

Thought is reached through the physical forces, and by becoming a part of the physical or conscious mind either lends the strength of sub-conscious forces or allows the subconscious to direct. Not that the physical mind gives strength, but by allowing the sub-conscious to direct, and not building the barrier between to be overcome.

That to be overcome might as well be met in this plane, for it will have to be met before we can gain the entrance to the Holy of Holies. This is the manner in which to train or conduct the physical to lend the assistance to the subconscious forces to direct and give the help the world or populace needs.

5. (Q) Why do women usually show more interest in Psychic matters than men do?

(A) For their minds, women, are filled, or left vacant for the study of spiritual forces more than men, for the same reason as we have given. What their minds fill or feed upon for development toward Psychic forces comes from the subconscious or the spirit and soul minds.

6. (Q) Is it possible to give information through Psychic Readings that will lead to the cure of diseases now known as incurable?

(A) It is. That which IS was produced from some force. Nothing is greater than the force producing it. THAT may be counteracted. The condition that exists in the physical bodies we find all produced by conditions that may be met. There are in truth no incurable conditions, though the condition may be changed, or the mode of the plane’s existence changed. That which exists is and was produced from a first cause, and may be met or counteracted, or changed, for the condition is the breaking of a law, and the healing forces will of necessity become the compliance with other laws that meet the needs of the condition. The healing depends upon the individual, and the attitude taken toward conditions from all manner of ways, or of the perception or consciousness of force that may be manifested through the individual. As to the Psychic forces, only can give that condition that is, or produced, and the compliance with the law that may make a given condition. The whole rests then with such an individual, and its conditions as is capable of being manifested through itself. Psychic Readings for conditions, as given, then may be of assistance in the understanding of the law to be met or complied with.

The evasion of a law only puts conditions off, and must eventually be met.

7. (Q) Why do so many people ridicule the idea of good being obtained through Psychic Readings?

(A) Lack of understanding of law governing so called Psychic force, or powers.

The lack of understanding is lack of consciousness being brought to the individual of potential powers that are manifest in and through psychic or occult forces. Many are caused by the lack of the proper usage of the knowledge or understanding obtained through such force, for the incorrect use of such knowledge may and would bring destructive elements.

The lack then of discernment between that which is of physical, physical – material, material – and that of soul and spirit, which is in reality the life giving force in any object. The only real life being that which in the material or physical plane is called psychic. The ridicule then being only that of mis-application or mis-understanding or mis-use of the condition that is to be met, and that with which it is to be met.

Ridicule of such forces rather than being condemned, those are to be pitied, for they must eventually reach that condition where the soul awakens to the elements that are necessary for the developing, for without the psychic force in the world the physical would be in that condition of “hit or miss”, or that as a ship without a rudder or pilot, for that element that is the building force in each and every condition is the spirit or soul of that condition which is the psychic or occult force. No healing is perfected without some psychic force exerted. For, as we would have, whether of operative or of medicinal forces, or of directing of organic forces to produce within themselves, that necessary to compete with conditions found within the body in distress or disease. The force represented, that counteracts, is nothing more or less than the active force exerted in psychic force, as has been outlined in which is psychic force. All of the elements that go to make up the expressions reached to the mental forces of an individual, are actions of the psychic forces from another individual, and is the collaboration of truth as found in the individual or entity expressing, or manifesting itself, one with the other. [See 900-25, Par. 6-A] Hence, the force in the violation of law of curative forces, for mental or physical conditions existing within the man.

8. (Q) What period in the world’s history were Psychic Readings given?

(A) That as given among the Chaldeans was first used as the means of assistance to the physical bodies. Not as applied in the present day usage of such force or Phenomena, but that as the natural means of expression of that unseen force of the soul and spirit of an earthly individual manifesting with and through the material or physical body, and giving that life giving flow of such manifestations, nearly four thousand years before the Prince of Peace came.

9. (Q) Should Psychic Readings be used for purposes other than for the assistance of curing human ills?

(A) That knowledge of all universal force that may be obtained through the psychic force is that of man’s individual condition to be dealt with. All force that may be obtained from such source, and not used as self-aggrandizement, or for the selfish purposes of the physical attributes, may be, should be, used and given to the world.

The understanding of all laws, for that is the law, the understanding of the law pertaining to any given condition. Then we would give any condition that may be met through such knowledge without the advantage taken of another individual, through its lack of such law or knowledge should be used. The use of psychic force by any individual, is only the using of that spiritual law that makes one free, but not freedom to take advantage, no more than that the Gods [See 3744-5, Par.

40-A re gods] take advantage of the knowledge of man’s weaknesses to use them as means of destructive forces.

Through man, all law to the physical plane or material plane is made manifest, but the manifestation is of the compliance as made with the law. The knowledge of such gained through psychic force cannot be abused without receiving the same condition under which this puts such a condition upon the individual.

10. (Q) Give a clear definition of the word faith with reference to faith as required by one who is sick and desirous of being helped through Psychic Readings.

(A) In what faith means to the individual, as we have faith in the substance, or that which is hoped for, with the evidences from things seen or of things unseen. As in this, the desire of the heart or issues of life to be the assistance not from self, but even as the Maker gives, as is given that love is law. Law is love. Love is giving. Giving is as God, the Maker.

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