Жизнь человека – прямое следствие его мыслей.

— Будда Гаутама – легендарный индийский духовный учитель

Edgar Cayce – reading 5749-2 (Jesus the Christ)


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 28th day of June, 1932, during the Annual Congress of the Ass”n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., under the auspices of the Norfolk Study Group #1 of the Association. Room crowded with Group members and visitors.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Members of Norfolk Study Group #1 and friends.


Time of Reading Unknown.

1. GC: You will please give at this time an outline of the life and activities of Jesus the Christ from the time of His birth until the beginning of His ministry in Palestine at approximately thirty years of age; giving birth place, training, travels, etc.

2. EC: As seen from the records that were kept then regarding the promises and their fulfillments in many lands, “Thou Bethlehem of Judah – the birth place of the Great Initiate, the Holy One, the Son of man, the Accepted One of the Father.”

3. During those periods in accordance with those laws and rulings, in the household of the father.

4. Then in the care and ministry from the period of the visit to Jerusalem, in first India, then Persia, then Egypt; for “My son shall be called from Egypt.”

5. Then a portion of the sojourn with the forerunner that was first proclaimed in the region about Jordan; and then the return to Capernaum, the city of the beginning of the ministry.

6. Then in Canaan and Galilee.

7. In the studies that were a portion of the preparation, these included first those that were the foundations of that given as law. Hence from law in the Great Initiate must come love, mercy, peace, that there may be the fulfilling wholly of that purpose to which, of which, He was called.

8. (Q) From what period and how long did He remain in India?
(A) From thirteen to sixteen. One year in travel and in Persia; the greater portion being in the Egyptian. In this, the greater part will be seen in the records that are set in the pyramids there; for HERE were the initiates taught.

9. (Q) Under whom did He study in India?
(A) Kshjiar [?]. [GD’s note: 6/5/69 Dr. I. C. Sharma told me he thought the correct spelling of the teacher would be Kahanji.]

10. (Q) Under whom in Persia?
(A) Junner [?].

11. (Q) In Egypt?
(A) Zar [?].

12. (Q) Outline the teachings which were received in India.
(A) Those cleansings of the body as related to preparation for strength in the physical, as well as in the mental man. In the travels and in Persia, the unison of forces as related to those teachings of that given in those of Zu and Ra. In Egypt, that which had been the basis of all the teachings in those of the temple, and the after actions of the crucifying of self in relationships to ideals that made for the abilities of carrying on that called to be done.

In considering the life physical of any of the teachers, these should not be looked upon by students as unnatural conditions. Rather as, that the righteous Father CALLING to those that had builded in their experience that enabling them to BECOME what each individual must in their own little sphere, gradually enlarging same to become inclusive until they – the individuals – are one in purpose, one in aim, one in ideal, with Him.

13. (Q) In which pyramid are the records of the Christ?
(A) That yet to be uncovered.

14. (Q) What relation was there in the training with the three wise men?
(A) Representing the three phases of the development, for these were those that looked toward that development; as is symbolized by the character of that given as the blessings were made upon the infant in the Manger.

15. (Q) Are there any written records which have not been found of the teachings?
(A) More, rather, of those of the close associates, and those records that are yet to be found of the preparation of the man, of the Christ, in those of the tomb, or those yet to be uncovered in the pyramid.

16. (Q) When will this chance be given for these to be uncovered?
(A) When there has been sufficient of the reckoning through which the world is passing in the present. 36 – 38 – 40. [See 5749-2, Par. R2.]

17. (Q) He said He would come again. What about His second coming?
(A) The time no one knows. Even as He gave, not even the Son Himself. ONLY the Father. Not until His enemies – and the earth – are wholly in subjection to His will, His powers.

18. (Q) Are we entering the period of preparation for His coming?
(A) Entering the test period, rather.

19. (Q) Any message to the group gathered here?
(A) In that ye seek to know the manner of preparation of Him that would be your guide, seek also to prepare YOURSELVES to be His subjects with that same diligence as that which has prompted the seeking here.

20. We are through.

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