Хорошими люди становятся больше от упражнения, чем от природы.

— Демокрит – древнегреческий философ

Edgar Cayce – reading 5752-1 (Psychic Powers)


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 8th day of June, 1932, in accordance with request made by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis and Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading 11:10 A. M. Virginia Beach, Va.

1. GC: You will please outline fully the information which Edgar Cayce, present in this room, should give in lecture form on the subject “How to Develop Your Psychic Powers”, to be given during the Congress of the Ass’n for Research & Enlightenment during the week of June 27th.

2. EC: As in the approach to such a subject, well that we first define psychic phenomena and that through which same operates in the physical man, that we may know how or why such forces, or phenomena, might be developed in an individual.

3. When one develops their muscle and brawn for the ring, or for any activity of such nature, there are certain rules of living that must, or that have been found to be necessary for such an one to adhere to.

4. When a faculty of the body, as a pianist, or cornetist, or an artist, is to be developed, there are certain courses of development, certain training through which the body-physical, the body-mental, shall pass as TRAINING self for such an undertaking.

5. When one, then, is to develop a faculty, or a force, that is present – as any of these referred to, lying latent in one form or another in EVERY individual; so, then, do the psychic forces, the psychic faculties, lie dormant or active in every individual, and await only that awakening or arousing, or the developing under those environs that makes for the accentuation of same in the individual.

6. As the psychic forces are manifesting, or do manifest through the senses, or those portions of the physical being that are trained for acuteness, as is one that would be trained for art in the applying or the mixing rather of color, as one that gets the color, or the tone from the violin, or the like, these are percepts of faculties of the sensory organism, and are akin to the soul.

7. The psychic, then, is of the soul, and it operates through faculties of perception, whether hearing, seeing, feeling, or any portions of the sensory system; and those portions of the physical organism, as we know, that find their basis in the honored or dishonored portion of the physical organism – as those of the brain, those of the percepts that deal with glands that function with concept, conceptive thought, constructive thought – or destructive thought, dependent upon that it is fed upon. Much in the manner that a trained physical body may be raised to such power as to meet any antagonist, yet allowed to become unstable – through associations or derangements of the physical body, by the abusing of those laws that govern those portions of the system – is easily defeated, and loses that for which it has trained itself. This we see would follow throughout the whole length and breadth of a developing organism.

8. In psychic forces we find the subconscious mental forces as a means, or manner of expression. Subconscious, we know, also partakes both of that which is a physical dormant consciousness and of the spiritual, or that upon which the body has fed through its activity in a material plane, and is a portion then of the soul of the entity. Hence we find this development depends not only upon one of the experiences, though one experience may make for such an alteration that the activities of the soul, of the mental, of the physical, may be altered so as to be going in the opposite direction from that it had been going in the first premise.

9. So, the warnings are that these forces, these activities, are to have their criterion from which a premise may be made, and the judgment that is brought to a material condition may be seen as to HOW it may operate.

10. We are through for the present.

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