Относись к людям как к тем, кем они могут быть, и они станут тем, кем они могли бы стать.

— Иоганн Вольфганг Гёте – поэт

Edgar Cayce – reading 6-8 (shift of poles, reincarnation)

TEXT OF READING 826-8 M 35 (Lawyer, Protestant)

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 11th day of August, 1936, in accordance with request made by the self – Mr. [826], Active Member of the Ass”n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. L. B. and Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading 2:50 to 3:15 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. Washington, D.C. (Entity. You will consider this entity’s mental and spiritual developments and their expression in the present life. You will answer the questions which he has presented regarding his activities.)

1. EC: Yes, we have had the entity and those relations with the universe and universal forces, that are manifested and latent in the personalities of the present entity.

2. Ready for questions.

3. (Q) what was the exact hour and minute of my SOUL birth on a farm near Pattonsburg, Mo., on March 2, 1901?
(A) Eleven p.m. Central Time as would be termed, on March 2, 1901; for this experience was two hours, lacking a few minutes, after the physical birth.

4. (Q) What was the exact hour and minute of my physical birth?
(A) Nine-twelve when the entity began its intake of elemental forces in breath.

5. (Q) Should I change from my present position in the Bureau of Formal Cases of the Interstate Commerce Commission to the Bureau of Motor Carriers, and if so, should I transfer to the finance section, the rate section, or the field section of the Bureau of Motor Carriers?
(A) When all of that which has been given is considered, and as we find the tend or trend of the entity in the present, if the choice is made by self for the transfer, the field division.

In the individual cases in the Interstate Commerce Commission in the present, this change that is coming with the change of the activities through Administrations, we would find that these then would offer – while many changes will come about – an opportunity for expression. The choice should be made in self.

But we would never work this out by those conditions in the experience as in the present, for we would find them adverse!

6. (Q) Should I plan on getting outside of the Commission soon, and if so, what section of the United States would be best for me?
(A) The middle or central section would be the best.

7. (Q) Should an astrological horoscope be based on the time of physical birth or the time of soul birth?
(A) On time of physical birth; for these are merely INCLINATIONS, and because of inclinations are not the influence of will. WILL is that factor of the spiritual forces or the gift, as it were, TO man, hu-man, as he came into material form, with which choice is made, see? Hence if astrological aspects are to be assumed, then physical. But these make for oft confusing experiences to those casting such charts and reading from that which has been the version of same.

For as we have indicated, there are two, yea three phases or schools through which such information, such charts, such characters have been carried – the Egyptian, the Persian, the Indian.

The Persian is a combination and the OLDER of all of these, and these are as logos (?), or as charts that have been set. That they have become as experiences in the activities of individuals, to be sure, is not disputed; but the world does not govern MAN, MAN governs the world! And the inclinations astrologically show whether man has or has not applied will!

Then the inclinations are good, but they may be stumbling-stones if one submerges will to listen at inclinations!

8. (Q) Where can the two books, “The Developing Mind,” by DeWitt, and “Training of Children,” by McDowell, be secured? [As in 5747-1, Par. 8-A.]
(A) These should come through publishers, or copies of same may be attained through the information as attained – one of Longmans, Green, and Co. – through the library.

9. (Q) Must each soul continue to be reincarnated in the earth until it reaches perfection, or are some souls lost?
(A) Can God lose itself, if God be God – or is it submerged, or is it as has been given, carried into the universal soul or consciousness? The SOUL is not lost; the INDIVIDUALITY of the soul that separates itself is lost. The reincarnation or the opportunities are continuous until the soul has of itself become an ENTITY in its whole or has submerged itself.

10. (Q) If a soul fails to improve itself, what becomes of it?
(A) That’s why the reincarnation, why it reincarnates; that it MAY have the opportunity. Can the will of man continue to defy its Maker?

11. (Q) What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.?
(A) When there is a shifting of the poles. [See Ledger Dispatch & Star, 7/20/59, Cambridge, Mass. (Science Service) MAGNETIC DIP POLE DRIFTING. Also see A.R.E. EARTH CHANGES booklet, 4/61.] Or a new cycle begins.

12. (Q) Was my sojourn under the name of Ernest Austen my last incarnation in the earth?
(A) Last incarnation that deals with the urges within the entity in the present.

13. (Q) If not, when was the most recent sojourn?
(A) This applies in self as has been indicated.

14. (Q) When was my last sojourn on another planet than the earth, and on what planet did it occur?
(A) Read the information which has been given to thee through this channel. As given, these are a reverse of those as they are mentioned. It is not that a soul AS a body is in an environment that it lives upon a planet as one does in the earth, but that the consciousness which is befitting to the environ of the planet is in that environ, see?

The occupation, as may be said, upon the Jupiterian plane could not of its nature be the same as that upon Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Earth, Mercury, Moon, Sun, or any of those. But each has its relative relationship to consciousness in its activity. Hence the sages of old, in the Persian, the Egyptian, the Indian, GAVE names then to the planetary influences according to that which to them appeared AS environmental! It would be much as saying how it was that the animal kingdom in its various divisions received names in the earth. How? These do not mean the same in the varied spheres, but their activity is such that names – as has been given – so confine that they make confusion; for names are setting metes and bounds – and to this edge and to that edge, which DOES NOT exist! any more than time, space or all – WHEN you consider that the SOUL is OF and THROUGH and part and portion of the all, see?

Hence in its environ, in its activity, and from a little period in the earth, in man’s seeking he finds an awareness in materiality, with all of those names or influences that have been named – each expressing an influence or an attitude or an environ or a sphere of consciousness. These are merely names, but they are ONE, see?

Then these activities in various spheres are meeting, as in self, the needs for its SOUL-SAVING. For remember, these should not be forgotten, and that they should be compatible; for these are IMMUTABLE. “Like begets like.” That sown in spirit, in mind, in materiality, must be reaped BY that soul in whatever sphere it is sown. The preparation of same in the mental, as the builder, makes for the various influences and forces.

God IS, Spirit IS; the Soul IS an individualized portion that may materialize, that may become conscious as a companion for that which is, that I AM THAT I AM in ALL its spheres! And all spheres of activity in the earth, in the realms of WHATEVER environ, are for that preparation. That man may control in the earth a few of its influences is so infinitesimal to what eternity is, or to what space or time or any of the universal forces are, that the finite mind does not conceive.

15. (Q) What sign of the zodiac was ascending at birth on my last sojourn in the earth previous to this sojourn?
(A) Uranus.

16. (Q) Have I had an incarnation on the planet Jupiter?
(A) In that environ, yes.

17. (Q) Is it possible to secure a reading regarding conditions and my sojourn, if any, on that planet?
(A) If you can understand Jupiterian environs and languages, yes.

18. (Q) Upon what planets other than the earth does human life exist?
(A) None as human life in the earth. This has just been given.

19. (Q) Is there a planet anciently known as Lilith or Vulcan?
(A) Pluto and Vulcan are one and the same. No Lilith. Lilith is a personality.

20. (Q) Do you have an further suggestions?
(A) Look within self rather than without. For what has been the command to those that came into the earth? “Be fruitful, multiply, SUBDUE the earth.” For these have been given thee as signs, as seasons, as those that make known into the heart of man, in the study of these, the GLORY that the Father hath prepared for man. To imply that they rule the earth is to imply, (or its teachers of same, is to imply) that they were set in motion and then have been forgotten!

Is that thy experience? Then you are in a bad shape!

21. We are through.

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