Человек вырастает по мере того, как растут его цели.

— Фридрих Шиллер – немецкий поэт и философ

Edgar Cayce – reading 900-19 (psychic phenomena)


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the Cambridge Hotel, Apt. 106, 60 West 68th Street, New York City, New York, this 15th day of January, 1925, in accordance with request made by [900].


Edgar Cayce; [900], Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mrs. Edgar Cayce and Mrs. Freda Blumenthal.


Time of Reading … Street, 6:10 P. M. New York Time. New York City, N.Y.

1. [900]: You will have before you the subject matter in book as given in readings, particularly subject matter on Psychic Phenomena and on Mind, [3744]. [See 900-19, Par. B1.] You will also have before you the analysis of this subject matter as written by the body [900] in a book which he now holds in his hand, present in this room. You will tell us if this analysis is correct, and give that additional subject matter which will make the chapter on Psychic Phenomena and Mind better understood by the body and mind of [900], present in this room. You will answer questions regarding this:

2. EC: Yes, we have the data here, as has been transcribed and written, and that also as has been written by [900], present in this room. This data, as we find, and the explanation of same, are very good, and only need specific questions and answers in given places, that same may be complete, readable and acceptable to those who are students of phenomena of like character.

3. (Q) Explain the following [See 3744-2, Par. 1-A]: “Psychic, in the broader sense, meaning spirit, soul, or imagination of the mind when attuned to the various phases of either of these two portions of the entity of an individual, or from the entity of others who are passed into other planes than the physical or material.”

(A) As we have in this: We reason with the material mind. We have those accepted facts and conditions, for the material mind must have a premise, or basis, in which all agree. When we find the action of any given premise, performing same is phenomena. When such action relates to the mind of a body (human we are speaking of), such is then a form of psychic, or mental, or mind force, or phenomena. Same as we have when there is that projection from the spirit forces, as is manifest, and as is an accepted fact or premise. This action upon the material world (see, just opposite from that given) is the psychic phenomena, and is given from this condition as asked. There is both the mental phenomena, the soul phenomena, the spiritual phenomena. All psychic phenomena, for psychic means of the mind, in the accepted term. Then, as we see manifestations of any of the conditions that relate to the physical mind the portion of soul entity belonging to physical, the portion of the spiritual belonging to physical, we see the phenomena, or the psychic phenomena, manifested in a material world, whether projected from the world into mental space, or from spirit world into the mental or material world. Keep each separate. Correlate each in its form of projection, that applicable to the needs of the human family, to bring those conditions, whether of the physical, mental or spiritual, that gives the better understanding of man’s relation to man, and man’s relation to Maker. Give those conditions that others may understand and benefit thereby. There is no condition existing in a world as the earth plane but what there is the phenomena in every action of psychic forces manifesting. As we find, the projection then of such conditions should be correlated under their various heads, and each carried to their bounds, that there may be the more perfect understanding, and not confuse the mental projection with spirit projection, or injection, into the material world. Spirit is the life-giving force in every condition, whether of mental or material action. Whatever force is acted upon has its attributes, the same as we find in all life-producing element. Whenever the element reaches that stage where it, the element, is able to give or reproduce self, we see the manifestation of the spirit force, modified by that element’s own attributes, even from the lowest form of life to the highest. When we have the physical body of the lord of creation, man, we find all such conditions manifest through that body; the mind being that element that directs and makes man the master of the condition, situation, or creation. The soul [is] the element, that given to man that man may be one with the Creator. Hence the developing of that portion that becomes the spiritual element, that it may be made one with the Creator. Hence we see from the lowest to the highest the manifestations of psychic phenomena in the material world. Hence we have the psychic phenomena of the lower animal kingdom, of the mineral kingdom, of the plant kingdom, of the animal kingdom as advanced, and as then becomes the man’s condition, position. Hence we find the evolution of the soul, as has been given, and as is manifest in the material world, took place before man’s appearance, the evolution of the soul in the mind of the Creator, not in the material world.

4. (Q) What form, or how can the conscious mind conceive of this soul in a human entity, and then in the spirit plane, after the physical has returned to earth?

(A) We have the soul as the body of the spiritual force manifested in the individual, as we find in every body animated with the ability to reproduce in self a thing separate from the rest of the world, yet depending upon the material world for sustenance, the same as we have in the soul, as given, and separate entity, the dwelling or indwelling in man, is that dependence upon the attributes of the body that it possesses for that necessary for its development. Hence the conditions as regard its developing, depending both upon the environment and upon the hereditary conditions, considered from the physical only. Hence the relative attraction for conditions of the soul for that necessary development of that soul from entity to entity, whether material or spiritual.

5. (Q) How are projections received from spiritual entities in the next plane?

(A) As each entity in the earth plane, or material plane, or flesh plane manifestation, such entity (material now we are speaking of) leaves with that relative conditions about the environment that spiritual force as manifest in that entity; when such an entity has left the material plane, or laid aside the carnal conditions, the body then, we have that spiritual entity in the spiritual plane. The spiritual entity possesses that element as is known, or called, in the earth plane, or material plane, the subconsciousness. The subconsciousness is awakened in material plane through an attunement, through such attunement there may be projections from one to the other.

6. (Q) What form does the spirit entity take, or explain –

(A) Taking that form that the entity creates for itself in the plane in which the existence is passed. As we have in the earth’s plane the imagination, the mind of the individual pictures to itself, through its carnal relations, that condition to which its individual relation of entity assumes to itself, and the entity possessing that same ability to assume that position in which it may manifest itself according to its relative position to that merited condition in its existence.

7. (Q) Explain the plane of spirit and soul forces, and what relation this plane has to earth. You will start with death, as we know it.

(A) In that moment – as in birth we have the beginning of an earthly sojourn, little or long, as time may be – as the birth into the spiritual plane begins with the death in earth plane; merely the separation of the spiritual and soul forces from the earthly connections.

8. We are through for the present.

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