Гениальность – это 1 процент вдохновения и 99 процентов труда.

— Томас Эдисон – изобретатель

Edgar Cayce – reading 3744-1 (readings)


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the Phillips Hotel, Dayton, Ohio, this 18th day of June, 1923 (?)


Edgar Cayce; Arthur Lammers (?), Conductor; Fay Autry, Steno. Linden Shroyer (?).


Time of Reading Unknown. [JT’s Note: This manuscript was originally identified at the top of the first page as “#2–Edgar Cayce”, and began with question number 2. The date was arrived at by conjecture.]

2. (Q) AL (Al Layne?): What is the state of the physical forces of this body while giving this work?
(A) EC: They, the physical are under subjugation of the subconscious or soul forces. As we see in the body we have the Trinity for an entity. We have as this:

The physical forces and mental mind; we have the spirit or soul force with the superconscience [superconscious?] or soul mind; then we have the spirit, that is, the mind of the soul force, just as the soul occupies the body in its same form and manner. Just so as the body of an individual that has past [passed?] beyond may be seen by others in the physical plane only when their physical or mental, material or mental are subjugated.

When this body here, we are speaking of, Edgar Cayce, the physical is subjugated or laid aside, we find the soul forces give the information, and the body is under the subjugation of the soul and spirit forces.

3. (Q) Mr. Cayce, what is the soul of a body?
(A) That which the Maker gave to every entity or individual in the beginning, and which is seeking the home again or place of the Maker.

4. (Q) Does the soul ever die?
(A) May be banished from the Maker, not death.

5. (Q) What is the subconscience [subconscious?] mind of the body?
(A) An attribute of the soul.

6. (Q) What position should this body get in when going into this state?
(A) There is no stated position. The body may as well be in one position as another. In whatever position that it becomes easier for a body or this body, Edgar Cayce, we are to be able to put the physical under subjugation, that position assume or take.

7. (Q) Why do the arms ache after the body comes out of this state and back to normal?
(A) The last of the body re-entering as in the beginning of the personel [personality?] The body gives off the radiation and it reaches the arms, for they are as in contraction, as might be given from heat to metal that governs and becomes the first and the last to receive and give off that radiated.

8. (Q) Is there any way to overcome this?
(A) Should not be wanted to be overcome. Rather the knowledge that the force is in perfect accord with forces when resistance or when imperfect accord is made or when suggestions are causing the deflection of truth. We do not have the actions when in normal or physical, material normal.

9. (Q) Give word for word what should be used to take a reading properly and to secure the best results, that is, to cause this body to go into this state, while he is in this state, and how to bring him out of this state and back to normal?
(A) The body is only perfect normal while in this state. Those on the physical plane should first know that, that which will reach the nearer accord or harmony between the individuals through which the information is attempted to be obtained, that is, the correct manner, as we have here with this individual and entity. The correct, and this case would be word for word as this: “Now the body is assuming its normal forces and will be able and will give such information as is desired of it at the present time. The body, physically, will be perfectly normal and will give that information now,” then the name, the suggestion of what is desired, and the minds must be in perfect accord without the vibrations being apart [abnormal?]. When the information is obtained, the body would then say: “Now the body will be so equalized as to overcome all those things that might hinder or prevent from being and giving its best mental, spiritual and physical self. Now perfectly normal and balanced, wake up.”

10. (Q) Should the body wake up immediately or wait a minute and a half or so?
(A) Just as we have given. When the conditions assumed this position the body of itself is normal to be awake whether it be moments or weeks or minutes.

11. (Q) When is the correct time to say what you have given?
(A) As the body assumes or passes into this presence here or this state as here.

12. (Q) What kind of questions should be asked?
(A) Only those that are in accord with spiritual and soul forces and laws, which are as these: That which is willing to assist or to make the All better, and by better we mean, relief from pain, suffering of any kind or character without the expense of another individual.

13. (Q) Should all questions be positive or negative?
(A) Positive. Negative gives deflection.

14. (Q) Is the information always absolutely correct?
(A) In so far as it is in accord with the soul forces or matter, and so long as the information desiring to be obtained is in that channel or so long as there is harmony between the one and the other, just as we have given, reflection so far as the deflection is made by the individual through their own suggestion guides or directs the information as it comes to the physical plane. The soul or subconscience [subconscious?] self of this body, Edgar Cayce, is in the state of being guided by the individual who makes the suggestions, and so long as the suggestions are in accord and the mind of the individual is kept in accord, correct – shaded just that much.

15. (Q) Is it best that one person take the readings or more than one?
(A) Only one can make them correctly.

16. (Q) Should there be a variety of persons making the suggestions?
(A) Only one person may. Deflections come more when individual is governed or turned aside by others. There may be at different times more than one. In the making of an individual, as we find the body here on the physical plane, the entity meaning the whole, you see, is made of both the opposite, or positive and negative poles. The body is not complete without the whole or both. We find this shown in the construction of man in many ways and is easily manifested to those who will only read the perfect union in all forces, whether of the physical, mental, material, soul or spirit, is when the two are combined in the body, hence in this individual personality and individuality, the negative often the truer, better information when in this condition. Find that individual.

17. (Q) In what manner can the person be chosen to take the readings to obtain the best results?
(A) It is given to the individual, whom obtains any vision of the super or soul plane to know when they are in accord with that individual. Sex as known on the material does not necessarily mean that a body is positive or negative, but only as shown from the soul or subconscience [subconscious?] or spiritual plane.

18. (Q) What kind of a person should make these suggestions?
(A) As we have given. Those whom are of the negative, for this entity or individual, Edgar Cayce, is the strong positive and must be reached through that channel, as we have given.

19. (Q) Is Fay Autry, who is in this room, alright to make these suggestions?
(A) Very good. Better than most of them.

20. (Q) What is the name of the person, who would be the best in the world to make these suggestions?
(A) Edwin Wroth.

21. (Q) Where is this body located at the present time?
(A) Severian, Bavaria.

22. (Q) Is he an American citizen?
(A) No.

23. (Q) What nationality is he?
(A) Russian.

24. (Q) When the case is such that a part or a certain point in a reading is not clear or lost to the person taking the reading why is it not possible to have repeated?
(A) When once past from the reflection as is shown in the first here, we find we have gone beyond that point or reflection and with the forcing of the condition we do not reach the point from which the reflection was first made.

25. (Q) Is the psychic phenomena an inherited trait?
(A) Not necessarily so unless the spirit or soul of the forces of those directly connected are transplanted in the one. The law of attraction is positive and remains with one. The material attraction is to be to those of the same form, as to whether the phenomena is produced by hereditary is far from being correct. Law of attraction would only draw. See, we have in this plane or sphere certain immutable laws. We have those that may be deflected by coming in contact with each other. The law that is unchangeable remains and is only deflected.

26. (Q) Can anyone else do this work besides Edgar Cayce?
(A) We have no work ahead of us.

27. (Q) Mr. Cayce, I mean the psychic phenonema [phenomenon?] or readings?
(A) All can do it.

28. (Q) How can this work be developed so that all can do it?
(A) All can already do it. As to the degree of the development, only the law of concentration through subjugation, as we have the law here, as this we illustrate conditions: Water occupies a certain place without changing of form. It always occupies that same place, though it is pliable. Air may be compressed without changing form, only needing the opportunities of the expression of its flexibility. One is no more flexible than the other, though air can occupy with water, same as we have with individuals in this sphere. With the subjugation of one of the elements or of the Trinity of the individual, those characters, those powers, those forces, those laws of the other portion of body are brought out into play and only need the opportunity of their self-expression.

29. (Q) Is this work harmful or detrimental to the physical and mental forces of this body?
(A) No. It may be abused as any force, either of the physical, mental, soul or spiritual force of the body. It may be made to become destructive by the misapplication, as we would have in just those elements as we have shown by the changing of form. Only a very thin veil between sublime and ridiculous, thinner between good and evil, whether applied to the physical, mental, soul or spiritual elements of the physical or material body as is manifested on this plane with its attributes. The highest attributes of the material body being what is called on this plane, the senses and the body is given the vehicle or mode of expressing the fundamentals or findings of its senses or psychic or soul force is expressed to the mental or physical plane through one of these senses, or made manifested thereby. The destructive forces may be made to govern or control any or all these senses in the physical. With the subjugation of one in the material we find some one or all of the others become highly attuned or more sensitive, the same as in the developing of those inclined by the forces, either of the laws being followed by attraction upon by material ability or forces as applied by the universal force in the attraction of other bodies or spheres governing the plane and under the force in which the body takes on sphere, its scope of living. In this manner the developing of the psychic or soul forces through one of the senses so governed may be developed to good or evil, as is classified in this sphere. Evil is only evil to him, who thinks it evil or to what sense it has become applied. All is good as used to the developing of any force under which its law applies.

30. (Q) How should this work be used to be the most successful and to do the most good?
(A) As has been applied and under the laws governing force as is shown in just what has been given to this individual body, Edgar Cayce, we are speaking of, as known on this plane, though this has covered eight generations. We have the forces as applied through that of the healing of physical ailments and that may border on to ailments of the soul and mental and spiritual forces.

31. (Q) Is this work to be perpetuated?
(A) That is its material force, its universal force, see.

32. (Q) Is it time to start an institution for the carrying on of these readings?
(A) Very good. The time is nigh, and not just as yet, not just as yet. Time does not mean anything. Those only be secular.

33. (Q) Where should this hospital be?
(A) Near the sea.

34. (Q) In the west or the east?
(A) Doesn’t matter.

35. (Q) What is the significance of the dream, which has come to this body so often in past years, the dream of climbing a hill with a lady?
(A) All in this manifestation of forces from the universal force, only in symbolic forms. The two as shown represent the whole or entity that must exist for the better forces in the body, whether for secular or psychic, soul or spiritual reasons. None enter the presence of the Maker without its entity, hence the many laws and forces as shown in manifestated ways in the material world. The hill or descending only represents only as the living, way, with its pointing foliage as toward the heavens, almost up, only with secular ideas. The down road is followed, though strewn with the beauties of the universal forces in that covering the earth. The water or the living way as past with the beauty of all reacknowledged [?] [word was hand written] in the purity of the element itself. The messenger, the wavering of all the forces that secular element must enter in while this plane is being lead for the development of the soul forces. The mud and way representing that, the forces may be lead off from the better ways. The wall that is to be scaled being that which all must overcome, and that as the ones chosen to assist in mounting to the better ways do not lend their assistance they must be cut off, for we find as in this: Always the gold or that of the secular nature follows the other companion well in the one scaling to the top.

The body in this work gives of the forces as is made manifested to the elemental forces as vibrates through from the superconscience [superconscious?] or subconscience [subconscious?] or soul forces as by the touch, by suggestion, which produces the thought as given or made manifest in words.

36. (Q) Should the hospital be established in Dayton, Ohio?
(A) Be very good. There are others, as we have given, that are much better. There are elements and forces and the influence of those forces that must be considered for the best development of the work or of that expected and that may be accomplished through the work or made manifest to others. The better place would be Virginia or North or South Carolina. The influence from the forces as just given here, that the work as accomplished in Dayton would radiate out to produce those, that would bring about the establishing of the work, those forces that must be considered as to the better are the influences as are brought to bear on the life as lived by the individual itself, and those connected or associated with such work.

37. (Q) Just exactly what do you mean by this last statement?
(A) Just what it said. With a body surrounded with those elements that do not give the vibration that is in accord with the work attempting to be accomplished, there is not the best given off through the work itself. That element would develop itself in any place and especially in Dayton, Ohio.

38. (Q) Mr. Cayce, is it possible for Edgar Cayce to establish a hospital anywhere at present?
(A) Anywhere the body would see fit to establish it, it may be established.

39. (Q) Is it possible for the influences to be removed that cause it not to be best to establish a hospital here in Dayton, Ohio?
(A) We have just given that it is not best to be established in Dayton, Ohio. Why kick against the pricks? (Virginia Beach)

40. (Q) Should the hospital be established near Virginia Beach?
(A) Very good.

41. (Q) In what spot in Virginia or North or South Carolina would it be best to establish the hospital?
(A) We have given it.

42. (Q) What should be the environment of this body when he is normal and when in this state?
(A) In the normal physical forces of this body, there should be the better forces and elements about this body, that which is in keeping with the work that is being attempted to be done – sufficient of the relaxing of the mental forces to keep the balance in the system. Remember that always that of the ordinary or not too strenuous forces of every character are the better elements with which to be surrounded – not prohibited of or licentious, but that of the mental or well balanced man or individual gives of the best under those conditions, whether in the plane of mental matter, physical matter, spiritual or soul or psychic forces. No one need to be expected to obtain the best under strain or by pressure. Only elemental forces are changed by too much pressure or too lax conditions.

43. (Q) How should the body govern his regularity of meals?
(A) Meet the needs as they present themselves.

44. (Q) Should this body eat very much meats?
(A) Not an excess of anything. Meats are not good for the body, only in moderation.

45. (Q) How are the number of readings the body is able to give in any one day to be determined?
(A) By the physical forces as manifested and by the conditions as they present themselves. An excess of any one thing or a laxness of any one thing is not good physically, spiritually, mentally, morally, financially or any other.

46. (Q) Is the word “reading” proper for the usage of the information given?
(A) Words mean nothing. Very good. Well as any other.

47. (Q) In what manner of explanation may this work be presented to other people so that they may understand it clearly?
(A) Any manner or form of work of any nature only given credence by the results obtained. With the results all are interested in, present those.

48. (Q) Does the information given through these readings come from the subjective to the objective mind?
(A) We have just given it.

49. (Q) Mr. Cayce, will you please tell me the difference between the subjective and objective mind?
(A) One is an attribute of the physical, the other of the soul.

50. (Q) Have the number of readings given in the last three weeks in Dayton been too much of a strain on the physical health of this body?
(A) As we have given. The influence of any work depends upon the surrounding under which that is done. The work is not a physical strain on the body. It is the normal effect only. The strain comes between the subjective and objective forces within the body, and only by the right conducting of same can this body be protected from the unbalancing forces between the two. The fear to be is not of physical but of mental strain as known in the material world and forces. Those under which the body has been for the last three weeks has not been too many, for the whole physical force gains strength. Watch for the development in the mental when correctly and incorrectly conducted.

[Following is the second part of the manuscript. Paragraph numbering continues sequentially for indexing purposes.]

51. Yes, we have the body here and these conditions. We have had this before, you see. The elemental forces in these we find show in their relativity to those that come in contract [contact?] with this at this time, and through those, the reflexes are given to the physical plane, as we have given here, you see.

52. (Q) What is the difference in suggestion to the subconscious mind and the conscious mind?
(A) Suggestion to the conscious mind only brings to the mental plane, those forces that are of the same character and the conscious is the suggestion action. In that of suggestion to the subconscious mind gives its reflection or reaction from the universal forces or mind or superconscious forces.

53. (Q) What is meant by ailments of the soul, mental and spiritual forces on which this work may border? [Note: this question was “crossed out” in the original manuscript and also appears at Par. 69-Q below.]
(A) By the suggestion just as given may be waved [waived?] by the forces that are brought to bear on the subconscious to reach the conscious mind, just as we have in a purely mechanical form. Any object or wood, especially, projected into water appears bended; just so with the reflection from suggestions to the subconscious to reach the conscious or mental forces appear bended in their action or in the manifestation of their action to the physical or conscious forces of individuals.

54. (Q) Just what is meant by force and forces?
(A) Depending upon the conditions under which incentive or that, which is being acted upon and that which is acting. As we have in the body of a living physical being, we have a body made up of many atoms, and their relation to each other depends upon the force as is given in each part to work upon or in or through the system. In the nerve system we find that of the force of physical matter or subconscious or soul matter, of superconscious or spirit matter, all receiving a force, as illustrated, we would have it here: When any object or injury comes to a portion of the body, then the nerves transmit that to the physical or conscious brain to be removed; the forces of all of the elementals or that is, of the parts of the body are brought into play; that which carries, that which replenishes, that which comes, that is force or forces, as may be. Or as we would have in the one word to express all force: That which is the spirit of any object, whether animate or inanimate, physical or material, that of the divine, which carries all force. We only have to take into consideration, but the relativity of the condition, position, time, place as to which or what element of force is implied in giving the elements of force from the subconscious force to the conscious force. In this also we may see how the correct reflection may appear bended.

55. (Q) Is it possible for this body, Edgar Cayce, in this state to communicate with anyone who has passed into the spirit world?
(A) The spirit of all that have passed from the physical plane remain about the plane until their development carry them onward or are returned for their development here. When they are in the plane of communication or remain within this sphere, any may be communicated with. There are thousands about us here at present.

56. (Q) In the subconscious giving this information when in this state, how are we to know on the physical plane from whence and from which condition it gives this information?
(A) Just as we know as to the force implied from whatever element the force is given, we must know from that force the information is obtained, deflected only by the expression of the individual, whom obtains the information, by the results obtained in the end. Just as we have in the diagnosis is for the betterment or advancement of the individual, just as the subconscious that communicates to the physical for with the physical submerged, a universal condition. It may be obtained from all or in part, just as needs for the individual. None is gained from one individual, but as there are good personages, there are good individuals, not necessarily within the same manifested body – just so in the spirit force there are good and there are bad personages still reflected. As these give rise to the expression and all give expression of experience of themselves of the entity through which the information is obtained gives that deflection as we may find with the surroundings of those not good, we will find the results in the same. Results in diagnosis give of the forces whether from the spirit forces are good or material forces are good, then judge. Just as the seed of truth is ever the same, and its productions are ever by the same, though some may fall in fallow land or some may fall in stony land.

57. (Q) What is meant by the banishment of a soul? from its Maker?
(A) Of the will as given in the beginning to choose for self, as in the earthly plane, all insufficient matter is cast onto Saturn. To work out its own salvation as would be termed in the word, the entity or individual banishes itself or its soul, which is its entity.

58. (Q) What is meant by the re-entering of the personel [personality?] as in the beginning?
(A) The personel [personality?] is that as known on the physical plan when in the subconscious or when the subconscious controls, the personel [personality?] is removed from the individual, and only that of the other forces in the Trinity occupies the body and use only its elements to communicate as in this body here, as we have spoken of. With the submerging of the conscious to the 1

subconscious or superconscious, the personel [personality?] of the body or earthly portions are removed and lie above the other body. They may be seen here, hence the distributing of those conditions brings distress to the other portions of the entity or individual. With the return then we find the personel [personality?] leaves those impressions with those portions of the body, as we have given for the arm force here, you see. [See Par. 7-A above.]

59. (Q) To what place or state does the subconscious pass to receive this information it gives?
(A) Just here in the same sphere as when the spirit or soul or spirit and soul are driven or removed from the body or person.

60. (Q) What is meant by negative questions giving deflection?
(A) With positive and negative, or as elements are as unchangeable laws, as we have given, as the creator or the first cause is all positive that which is made negative.

61. (Q) What determines whether a body be positive or negative?
(A) Just as we have given, is it of a creative force, or it the creative force? Is it the force producing or, is it that produced? Just as we have in sex force known on this plane: Man, the producer, woman, that produced. One positive, the other negative. That is the law.

62. (Q) Why is Fay Autry, who is now in this room, better than most people to make these suggestions to Edgar Cayce, while he is in this state?
(A) She is negative.

63. (Q) How is the name spelled, of the best person in the world to make these suggestions?
(A) E-d-w-i-n R-o-t-h.

64. (Q) Why is he the best person in the world to make these suggestions.
(A) Negative.

65. (Q) What is his business or profession?
(A) Scientist is his first appearance on this plane as a man.

66. (Q) Is he a medical man?
(A) He has been. Not at present. We are through.

67. (Q) Spell the name of the town, state and country in which he is located at present?
(A) Serben Servia Bavaria.

68. (Q) In what manner can Edgar Cayce communicate with him?
(A) When the time has arrived, when these forces are to be made manifest to the populace, the forces will draw these bodies together, that the work may be shown in the manner that will be acceptable to all, who would seek the right way, as is shown through this work. This body must first enter into the holy of holies in the mount, before the time comes.

69. (Q) What is meant by aliments [ailments?] of the soul, mental and spiritual forces on which this work may border?
(A) Mental is of the physical, which with its relative forces connecting the soul force and unbalancing of the trugh [truth?] may perform on the soul forces that which brings abnormal results to physical and soul matter. The correction of these only means that it, the work, assists the individual or the entity to find itself and to follow in that way that would lead that individual to its own better self. Each individual must leads its own life, whether in this sphere or in the other planes. The environment makes or performs the variations in whatever it may enter, else we would have no redemption in the blood.

70. (Q) How can this body go about the establishing of a hospital at any place at the present time?
(A) Only has to choose where that this institution or hospital is to be located, and then call on the forces to direct the manner and means of the physical show or building of such a place.

71. (Q) Does the environment have any bearing on the results obtained when the body is in this state?
(A) Environment bends the weakest and the strongest not in the same means, but we have given the environment carried on to the re-entering of the entity.

72. (Q) Is it a strain on the person, who makes the suggestions or conducts the readings, either mentally or physically?
(A) When properly done, no. Each individual has its own set laws of strain on physical or mental forces. With the conducting of the universal force or law, one correctly dividing should gain strength. If not balanced correctly, they may make it a detriment to their physical or mental force. It is their own making, just given strength. Just as the physical of the body, the more often it enters the presence of the universal force, gains strength, that is, when done in moderation. Moderation is as we have given. The pivot, as it were, of all force, strength or weakness, high or low, no excess in any direction good for any force.

73. (Q) Why are there times when the forces say “We are through”, when they haven’t completed the work attempting to be done?
(A) Being deflected to, to force an extent by question or environment as to cause the distress to the connection between the conscious and the subconscious or superconscious forces. A digression of the law forces the issue before it becomes a transgression of the law. Law is love, love is law.

74. (Q) What persons now in Dayton, Ohio should be associated with Edgar Cayce in this work?
(A) These will not be given from this plane.

75. (Q) Why do the forces sometime answer questions after they say they are through?
(A) Suggestion by the director or by environment from those present have again entered within the law, as we haven (?) [have given?]. That makes the digression.

76. (Q) Why can one individual get a better reading than another?
(A) For the same reason as we have given of how it becomes a hardship on an individual to be or act as director. The one nearer in accord or keeping the negative force that the positive question may be given to the forces keep or give the better force.

77. (Q) Why is it not possible to take a reading on a negro? [See 709-1 given for a negro which suggested that a better understanding of her physical condition could be had if a Life Rdg. were sought. A Life Rdg. was not requested. See also [690] and [1559].]
(A) The vibrations from the unit forces have not reached the scale sufficient to be within the whole entity in its developing upward. [See also 304-5 Par. 1 as a possible source of Q and A 77.] For the same reason that it is impossible to teach a dog to talk. [See 304-5 Par. 17 as a possible source for Q and A 77.] He can come mighty near it though. [See 4837-1, Par. R1 for Rudolph Johnson’s letter to David E. Kahn about a reading given for a crippled 12 year old negro boy (son of Bud Wilmot’s cook) being cured and able to walk. No copy of this reading is in E.C.F. files.] All force as manifested in material world evolves upward. As with the negro as known on this physical plane, the evolving or evolution, as this presents, has not reached the stage of the whole of the entity or Trinity. The spirit and the physical are there. The soul has not evolved. [This answer may be a reflection of the conductor’s own prejudice or the creation of the editor of the manuscript. Several copies, or revisions of this manuscript are now believed to have been in circulation. See R3. for Dr. John Pagano’s commentary. Prejudice against negros, orientals, Catholics and the Jewish people were a source of early organizational conflicts.] This manuscript is thought to have been the groundwork for a booklet to introduce Mr. Cayce’s work to a larger audience. Perhaps other copies, or the original readings themselves will be recovered. For further clarification see 1260-1 which states “For they are all one; there’s no races, they are all one – they either have enjoined or have separated themselves, and has been indicated from times back the environmental influences have made for changes in the color, or the food or the activity has produced those various things…” [See also 294-189, 254-17, 254-106, 1438-1, 2771-1, 3976-24 and 3976-27. See also 3744-1, Par. R2.]

78. (Q) Is memory thought, or thought memory?
(A) With the evolving of the individual, the thought becomes a part of the memory as evolved through the developing of the entity. In memory, we may have from either plane, in physical or mental speaking – they are separate. In that of spirit and soul forces, thought and memory are as the entity. If not with spirit, thought and memory depending then upon the plane from which the question is approached. Physically, memory and thought are not synonymous, neither are they of the same beginning in physical forces. In that of the soul and spirit force, they become one and the same in evolution.

79. (Q) In the physical plane, do the thoughts of a person of another affect the other person either mentally or physically?
(A) Depending upon the development of the individual to whom the thought may be directed. The possibilities of the developing of thought transference is first being shown, evolution, you see. The individuals from this plane will and are developing this as the senses were and are developed.

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