Хорошими люди становятся больше от упражнения, чем от природы.

— Демокрит – древнегреческий философ

Edgar Cayce – reading 4427-1 (Health)


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce in Meridian, Texas, this 8th day of April, 1923.


Edgar Cayce; J. T. McConnell, Conductor; Fay Autry, Steno. [4427]”s father.


Time of Reading 3:30 P. M.

1. JTM: Tell us why she has severe headaches and tell us a permanent cure and is she going to be a success in voice and musical talent?

2. EC: Yes, we have the body here. Now, we find this body is very good. There are some abnormal conditions that produce the headaches. These may be corrected so that there will be the permanent cure from this condition, see.

3. Now, these are conditions as we find them in this body: First, in the blood supply we find there, the normal condition throughout. The normal pressure of blood, count, respiration and flow both through arterial and veinous [venous] circulation.

4. In the nervous system we find the strain on the system that produces the pressure that gives the headaches or the pains perceptible to the body in the head, see. These are produced from the pneumogastric center and act as reflex to the cerebellum. Through the sympathetic rather than of the cerebro-spinal they give the impressions through the ganglia about the first cervical, though the pressure as produces the condition is at the seventh and eleventh dorsal, see, the pressure being from the taxation to the nervous system from the oversympathetic condition in the vibrations as are given in this body and finds the expression in the physical through the expansion in the pneumogastric centers, see. The cerbro-spinal nerve forces are very good. Without the correction of the condition through the sympathetic the body needs to be careful of the effect that will come to the sensory organism, especially, to the throat and eyes, you see, for at times it feels and has those conditions as appear now, with the pains to the head, the reaction to the inferior muscles of the vocal chords and the eyes hurt and pain when used, you see – sympathetic condition, wholly, see.

5. The functioning of the organs themselves – the brain forces are very good. The impressions as reached through the mental forces find ready expression through the spiritual forces of the body and the physical manifestations of the impressions would be well for the body to know and think well of those at hand before accepting them as final. Through the lung forces the body is good with the well balanced forces in the physical. Through the digestive tract we find the reaction from the sympathetic condition, and the body needs to be constructive rather than of otherwise in the diet, for much of the pressure has been caused through these channels, see. Through the organs of the hepatic circulation we find these are very good, except when the reaction from the condition in the nervous system when assimilation becomes poor and an overtaxed condition through the kidneys and with the high nerve tension the body brings itself might become of a detriment so the correction must be through the mental as well as the physical, so to bring the correct conditions to relieve this body permanently would be through that of mental forces applied to self with physical exercise to portions of the body of a specific nature. The diet as we have given must be an important factor also in. The development of forces or talents towards the musical of the mental and spiritual forces if they would make the success and is of higher temperament for this body, see. For the exercises, we would take these:

6. Night and morning, first the head and neck exercise, front, back, side, rotation, see, then with that of the deep breathing with the action of both the brachial forces and of the whole body in motion, see, rising on the toes, you see, with each expansion, see, then for that of the abdomen and the digestive organs would be of the bending, circular motion flat, that is, with the body sitting on the floor flat, you see. The diet should be with only those of easy digestion until the whole temperament of the body, physically, is changed. Drink plenty of water. Every fifth day take twenty grains of Phosphate of soda in half glass of water on rising, see. Do that.

7. (Q) Any other suggestion you would like to give Miss [4427], Mr. Cayce?
(A) Do that as we have given. The ability is with the body for as the development with the musical talent, you see. Do not be so timid about it.

8. (Q) Mr. Cayce, would it be necessary for her to continue in her efforts to make a success in voice after these physical parts are perfected?
(A) We have given the conditions and correction, the ability, and the effort has to be put forth to make the success always. Do as we have given. We are through.

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