Неудача это тоже успех, если мы чему-то учимся у нее.

— Малькольм Форбс – издатель журнала Форбс

Edgar Cayce – reading 5754-1 (dream)


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 14th day of July, 1932, in accordance with request made by Hugh Lynn Cayce and those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis, Edgar Evans Cayce, and Polly the parrot. (Also canary in cage.)


Time of Reading 4:30 P. M.

1. GC: You will please outline clearly and comprehensively the material which should be presented to the general public in explaining just what occurs in the conscious, subconscious and spiritual forces of an entity while in the state known as sleep. Please answer the questions which will be asked regarding this:

2. EC: Yes. While there has been a great deal written and spoken regarding experiences of individuals in that state called sleep, there has only recently been the attempt to control or form any definite idea of what produces conditions in the unconscious, subconscious, or subliminal or subnormal mind, by attempts to produce a character – or to determine that which produces the character – of dream as had by an individual or entity. Such experiments may determine for some minds questions respecting the claim of some psychiatrist or psycho-analyst and through such experiments refute or determine the value of such in the study of certain character of mental disturbances in individuals; yet little of this may be called true analysis of what happens to the body, either physical, mental, subconscious or spiritual, when it loses itself in such repose. To be sure, there are certain definite conditions that take place respecting the physical, the conscious, and the subconscious, as well as spiritual forces of a body.

3. So, in analyzing such a state for a comprehensive understanding, all things pertaining to these various factors must be considered.

4. First, we would say, sleep is a shadow of, that intermission in earth’s experiences of, that state called death; for the physical consciousness becomes unaware of existent conditions, save as are determined by the attributes of the physical that partake of the attributes of the imaginative or the subconscious and unconscious forces of that same body; that is, in a normal sleep (physical standpoint we are reasoning now) the SENSES are on guard, as it were, so that the auditory forces are those that are the more sensitive.

The auditory sense being of the attributes or senses that are more universal in aspect, when matter in its evolution has become aware of itself being capable of taking from that about itself to sustain itself in its present state. That is as of the lowest to the highest of animate objects or beings. From the lowest of evolution to the highest, or to man.

5. So, then, we find that there are left what is ordinarily known as four other attributes that are acting independently and coordinatingly in AWARENESS for a physical body to be conscious. These, in the state of sleep or repose, or rest, or exhaustion, or induced by any influence from the outside, have become UNAWARE of that which is taking place about the object so resting.

6. Then, there is the effect that is had upon the body as to what becomes, then, more aware to those attributes of the body that are not aware of that existent about them, or it. The organs that are of that portion known as the inactive, or not necessary for conscious movement, keep right on with their functioning – as the pulsations, the heart beat, the assimilating and excretory system, keep right on functioning; yet there are periods during such a rest when even the heart, the circulation, may be said to be at rest. What, then, IS that that is not in action during such period? That known as the sense of perception as related to the physical brain. Hence it may be truly said, by the analogy of that given, that the auditory sense is sub-divided, and there is the act of hearing by feeling, the act of hearing by the sense of smell, the act of hearing by ALL the senses that are independent of the brain centers themselves, but are rather of the lymph centers – or throughout the entire sympathetic system is such an accord as to be MORE aware, MORE acute, even though the body-physical and brain-physical IS at repose, or UNAWARE.

7. Of what, then, does this sixth sense partake, that has to do so much with the entity’s activities by those actions that may be brought about by that passing within the sense RANGE of an entity when in repose, that may be called – in their various considerations or phases – experiences of SOMETHING within that entity, as a dream – that may be either in toto to that which is to happen, is happening, or may be only presented in some form that is emblematical – to the body or those that would interpret such.

8. These, then – or this, then – the sixth sense, as it may be termed for consideration here, partakes of the ACCOMPANYING entity that is ever on guard before the throne of the Creator itself, and is that that may be trained or submerged, or left to its OWN initiative until it makes either war WITH the self in some manner of expression – which must show itself in a material world as in dis-ease, or disease, or temper, or that we call the blues, or the grouches, or any form that may receive either in the waking state or in the sleep state, that has ENABLED the brain in its activity to become so changed or altered as to respond much in the manner as does a string tuned that vibrates to certain sound in the manner in which it is strung or played upon.

9. Then we find, this sense that governs such is that as may be known as the other self of the entity, or individual. Hence we find there must be some definite line that may be taken by that other self, and much that then has been accorded – or recorded – as to that which may produce certain given effects in the minds or bodies (not the minds, to be sure, for its active forces are upon that outside of that in which the mind, as ordinarily known, or the brain centers themselves, functions), but – as may be seen by all such experimentation, these may be produced – the same effect – upon the same individual, but they do not produce the same effect upon a different individual in the same environment or under the same circumstance. Then, this should lead one to know, to understand, that there is a DEFINITE connection between that we have chosen to term the sixth sense, or acting through the auditory forces of the body-physical, and the other self within self.

10. In purely physical, we find in sleep the body is RELAXED – and there is little or no tautness within same, and those activities that function through the organs that are under the supervision of the sub-conscious or unconscious self, through the involuntary activities of an organism that has been set in motion by that impulse it has received from its first germ cell force, and its activity by the union OF those forces that have been impelled or acted upon by that it has fed upon in all its efforts and activities that come, then it may be seen that these may be shown by due consideration – that the same body fed upon MEATS, and for a period – then the same body fed upon only herbs and fruits – would NOT have the same character or activity of the other self in its relationship to that as would be experienced by the other self in its activity through that called the dream self.

11. We are through for the moment – present.

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