Если быть абсолютно логичным, ничего нельзя открыть.

— Альберт Эйнштейн – физик

Edgar Cayce – reading 5756-4


This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office, 115 West 35th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia, this 17th day of March, 1927, in accordance with request made by Edgar Cayce himself and [900].

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.

Time of Reading 11:40 to 12:40 P. M. New York, N.Y.

1. GC: You will have before you all the information that has been given in psychic readings by Edgar Cayce concerning communication with those who have passed into the spirit plane. You will correlate all of this information in a systematic way and manner, that this may be understood by the conscious mind of any individual studying the subject, and you will answer all questions that I will ask you concerning this subject that should be answered. You will continue with such information which was begun yesterday, March 16, 1927, in 5756-3.

2. EC: (After having the first suggestion repeated and being told to continue) Yes.

3. Now, we have the information here, and that as has been given.

4. Continuing:

5. First, let it be understood there is the pattern in the material or physical plane of every condition as exists in the cosmic or spiritual plane, for things spiritual and things material are but those same conditions raised to a different condition of the same element – for all force is as of one force.

6. In that period when the spirit, or when the soul, (best that these be classified, that these be not misunderstood, then, in their relations one to another) is in the material, the body physically composed of the physical body, the mind, and the soul, add the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind, or the spirit.

7. In the make-up of the active forces of the physical body, it (the body) is constituted of many, many, cells – each with its individual world within itself, controlled by the spirit that is everlasting, and guided by that of the soul, which is a counterpart – or the breath that makes that body individual, and when the body is changed, and this is the soul body, the elements as are patterned are of the same. That is, that builded by thought and deed becomes the active particles, atoms, that make up that soul body, see?

8. When the soul passes, then, from the physical body, it (the soul body) then constituted with those atoms of thought (that are mind) and are of the Creative Forces a part, and then we have the soul body, with the mind, the subconscious mind, its attributes – which have been explained or given heretofore, as the relation of what the subconscious mind is – which never forgets, and is then as the sensuous [conscious] mind of the soul body; the spirit or superconscious mind being that as the subconscious mind of the material body – the place, then, of the resident or residence, or that occupied by the soul body becomes to the finite mind the first question. The occupancy is at once – as is seen here, there are about us many, MANY, many, soul bodies; those upon whom the thought of an individual, the whole being of an individual is attracted to, by that element of thought – just the same as the action in the material body – for remember, we are patterned, see? one as of another. In the next, then, we find that, that as BUILDED by that soul is as the residence of that soul, the companion with that as has been builded by that soul – either of the earthbound or of that element or sphere, or plane, that has its attraction through that created in that soul being in the actions, by the thoughts, of that as an individual. Hence we find there are presented the same conditions in the astral or cosmic world, or cosmic consciousness, as is present in the material plane – until the consciousness of that soul has reached that development wherein such a soul is raised to that consciousness ABOVE the earth’s sphere, or earth’s attractive forces – until it reaches up, up, outward, until included in the ALL, see?

9. In the next step, then, we find, as regarding information given, the ability of such a body, or entity, to communicate with those in the material plane:

10. Question and answers are often confusing, by those that give or supply information concerning such experiences; for each experience is as individual as the individual that receives same, or the entity that transmits same, and the possibility, probability, the ABILITY, of individuals to so communicate, or so draw on those forces, is raised, limited, or gained, by the act of the individual seeking its ability to so communicate – for, remembering, conditions are not changed. We find individuals at times communicative. At other times uncommunicative. There are moods, and there are moods. There are conditions in which such conditions are easily attained. There are others that are hard, as it were, to meet or cope with. The same condition remains in that distant sphere – as is felt by many – when it is the SAME sphere, UNLESS the individual, or the entity, has passed on.

11. Then the next question that arises is: How are such communications brought about? Just as given. When the body (material) attunes self to that plane wherein the sensuous consciousness is in obeisance to the laws of physical or material, and the spiritual or astral laws are effective, those of the astral plane may communicate, in thought, in power, in form. What form, then, do such bodies assume? The desired form as is built and made by that individual in its experience through the material plane. Remembering our pattern. We find bodies are made by the action of cell units in the material body. Some to beauty, some to distress by that merited for the physical experience. Hence a necessity of a physical experience, that the DESIRES that build may be made, changed, or acted upon.

12. Again we return to the astral or the soul body. In the various forms of communication, why, WHY, is such communication so often of seemingly an unnecessary nature, or seemingly inadequate to the mind of the soul entity, as understood by the mind of one hearing, seeing, or experiencing, such a communication? As may be illustrated in: The message as may be received from the boy just passed into the spirit world, and able through mediumistic forces of someone to communicate to mother, “All is well. Do not grieve. Do not long for the change.” Such seems to be in the nature of rebuke to a sensuous mind when momentous questions as might be propounded, could be, or would be – as some mind would say – given. Remember the pattern as is set before. Is the greeting, IS the greeting of some profound questions the first meeting? Rather cultivate that of such communications, and receive the answer to that of the most profound that may be propounded in any way and manner to those seeking such information. Is such information always true? Always true, so far as the individual has brought self into that attunement as is necessary for the perfect understanding of same. Do not attempt to govern information, or judge information, by the incorrect law, see? When force is taken, what is the impelling force such as is seen in the movement of material objects? When under stress, the communication or the appearance of the soul body is in contact with the individual mind; such as we have seen and experienced through that of the information as has been given. Such impelling forces, we find, are the combination of that in the individual receiving and in the abilities of the individual so communicating – that is, we find that in the various experiences of individuals, levitation, or objects that are of material nature, are moved about by the active principle of the INDIVIDUAL THROUGH WHOM SUCH MANIFESTATIONS ARE BEING MADE, and not by spirit action, or soul action. Yet CONTROLLED by that cosmic consciousness. Don’t leave that out, see? Controlled – for, as given, the body must be subjugated that such force may manifest. Then we see undue strength, undue power, is seen exercised at such periods. True – for things that are controlled by spirit alone are of a great deal greater active force than of the sensuous mind, as a trained mind is more active than one untrained.

13. Now many questions have been given. Many various forms of the active forces of communicative energies, or of soul forces, as are manifested in the spirit world and in the material world, have been given – but these as we have given here are set forth that those who would study may have the basis of an understanding that will give each and everyone that knowledge that the physical world, and the cosmic world, or the astral world, are one – for the consciousness, the sensuous-consciousness, is as the growth from the subconsciousness into the material world. The growth in the astral world is the growth, or the digesting and the building of that same oneness in the spirit, the conscious, the subconscious, the cosmic, or the astral world. We find, from one to another, individuals – individuals – retained in that oneness, until each is made one in the Great Whole – the Creative Energy of the Universal Forces as are ever manifest in the material plane.

14. We are ready for the questions that may be asked, as we see here, concerning various conditions – for many are gathered about to give their various experiences as have been passed through in this transition period.

15. (Q) Is it possible for those that have passed into the spirit plane to at all times communicate with those in the earth plane? (A) Yes and no – for these conditions are as has been described – that the NECESSARY way or mode must be prepared; for as this: Ever has that vibration as is attracted and thrown off been active in the world as is exercised through that called the telephone, but without proper connection, without shorts, without any disturbance, may proper communication be made! These have not always been active to the PHYSICAL body. These are not always in proper accord to be used by the physical body. Just the same in that pattern. Those in the astral plane are not always ready. Those in the physical plane are not always ready. What conditions arise (is asked) that we in the physical plane are not ready? The MIND! What conditions arise that we in the astral plane are not ready? There are those same elements as has been outlined, of that of the development going on, and the willingness of that INDIVIDUAL to communicate, as given, see? but when set aright, these may – until passed into that Oneness, or returned again, or gone on beyond such communications.

16. (Q) What physical thing may an individual do to be able to communicate with those that have passed into the spirit plane? (A) Lay aside the carnal or sensuous mind and desire that those who would use that mentality, that soul, for its vehicle of expression, do so in the manner chosen by that soul; for some communicate in act, in sight, in movement, in voice, in writing, in drawing, in speaking, and in the various forces as are manifest – for force is ONE force.

17. (Q) What form or body does the spirit entity assume upon leaving the earth or material body? (A) Just as given. That builded by the body in its experience. We illustrate: Would one of a uniform body desire a change – would one of a crippled body desire a change the answer, as has oft been given: ACT that way, IT – the result, the change – comes about.

18. (Q) Where is the dwelling place of such spirit entities? (A) That that such entity has builded, and as it (the entity) draws about it, or desires same shall be. In the earth’s plane many are attracted by those conditions and are held by many loved ones, when their desires to be on the way, as it were. Building in that way and manner as is in its heart of hearts, soul of soul, to be about. See? Now, the dwelling place is as builded by that entity, and in that place about the earth and the earth’s sphere, time is no time, space no space, to such entities.

19. (Q) Is the effort for spirit communication as much effort on the part of the spirit entity as the effort that should be made on the part of the material or physical entity? (A) The force should never be applied, and may never be applied and be real, in either case. The willingness and the desire from both is necessary for the perfect communication, see? Illustrate this same condition by that physical condition as is seen in attunement of either that called radio, or of that called phone, or that of any of that vibratory force as is set by the electron in the material plane. Necessary for the perfect union that each be in accord. In other words, we find many in the astral plane SEEKING to give force active in the material. Many in the material SEEKING to delve into the astral. They must be made one, would they bring the better.

20. (Q) What form of consciousness does the spirit entity assume? (A) That of the subconscious consciousness, as known in the material plane, or the acts and deeds, and thoughts, done in the body, are ever present before that being. Then consider what a hell digged by some, and what a haven and heaven builded by many.

21. (Q) What are the powers of the spirit entity? (A) Raised to the highest power as is developed in that plane, and are – as outlined – as VARYING as individual’s power or ability to manifest, or to exercise that manifestation, in the material. We have not changed, see? for as we would say: What is the power of an individual in the PHYSICAL plane? Naught as it enters. Naught until it reaches that ability to GIVE of self in service. Yet, as we find, there is in all the world nothing that offers so much possibility as when the body of the human is born into the material plane. In the minds of every other, nothing offers more beautiful condition, raised to its same power, as the birth into that of the astral plane. Hence, how oft, how oft, is such seen in this entering! How expectant becomes both? Does it become a wonder at that vision as Stephen sees, when “My Lord, standing ready to RECEIVE me,” see?

22. (Q) Is it possible for those passing into the spiritual plane to be conscious of both the material and the spiritual plane? (A) Just as given. Just as is seen in the various experiences of those who are spiritually minded – yet many carnal minds have passed from the body for days before they realized they were passed. Sensuousness!

23. (Q) Describe to me what (Mrs. [3776]) saw as she entered the spirit plane, when she said “Mrs. [139] says she will guide me over.” (A) Just that same experience as has just been described. The desire in the mind – soul mind – and the physical mind, to be at a oneness, one with the other, and to give to each that as necessary for that wonderful development possible in that plane – for, as is seen, we find as this experience in THIS condition: The mind in that accord with the soul forces, in action, meets those who are the active in that of the aid in the development. Hence we find this very active force in the soul body, Mrs. [139] ready – and with that consciousness of the conditions in action going on – guiding and meeting the soul body in its transition, and the spirit body, mind, soul, attuned in that of the physical body, (Mrs. [3776]), so it answers one with another, and is capable of being hearkened back or to such condition, see?

24. (Q) How may force act in unmaterialized form – i.e. without matter to embrace in itself the many individual self consciousness separated by space in the material form – i.e. man, but all one inner self in the cosmic or 4th dimension? (A) Just in the manner as has been described and given, in how that the transition of one force becomes as the portion of the whole force. As is, that each is the pattern, one of another, or as may be illustrated: How does the force or power transmitted from the powerhouse light each individual globe in the city? Each have their connection. Each have their various forms, or their various powers, according to that as has been set. Now, applying same in the illustrative forces, we find each being in accord, each being in the direct connection, each apply, manifest, according to that as is builded in the individual in its transition, or in its experience, and as the various forces are manifested each give off that as is taken on.

25. We are through for the present.


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